Friday, 7 January 2011

Drum Eyes

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Drum Eyes are DJ Scotch Egg's drum thunder worship gang. Experts at whipping up a hypnotic maelstrom of tribal drumming trip-outs infused with sludgy doom and weird electronics. It makes a lot of sense that Eda - originally from the Boredoms - is a member of Drum Eyes, as the songs can twist 180 degrees and sound equally as beamed-in from some alien kingdom, taking the weirdest parts of Krautrock and hurling punk-synth, crushing walls of ambience and 8-bit frazzle into the mix with relish.
DJ Scotch Egg began forcing Game Boys to make the most unholy music for a variety of labels like Adaadat and Wrong Music, then with last year's transition album entitled 'Drumized' for Load Records - home of Lightning Bolt, Sightings, Brainbombs etc. - Shige began experimenting with live instrumentation. With Drum Eyes as a five-piece band, he has finally realised the full extent of his intent.

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