Monday, 29 November 2010

Hired Muscle

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A noisy, clangy three piece. Guitar bass and drums, no effects. Tons of riffs. Short songs. Two excitable gentlemen and a lady playing spiked riffs with post punk grooves, weird rhythms and sloppy lo-fi pop melodies. Members have also been in or played with: Dawn Chorus, Action Beat, Rampant Rabbit, and Pete Taylors guitar orchestra.

"HIRED MUSCLE are top-shelf punk-funk rudegeezes from Bletch and Tunbridge Wells, who play a herky jerk stop-start guitar scratch funk kind of thing like Dub Narcotic, Blues Explosion, Minutemen, Pavement, and parochial legends the Dawn Chorus... Frenetic, max-energy, neck-swappin' rock 'n' roll for the more discerning deadbeat." - Allan Harrison

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