Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Two Minute Noodles

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Casually swinging drums duo with a large organ, joyfully crafting memorable disco lounge-core. Members of Quack Quack, Chops, Casino Volante and Propulsion Family Picnic. Two Minute Noodles create a merrymaking mix that revolves around drums and organ. The resulting sound is something akin to a party full of French people from the Sixties, In a Hitchcock movie. In a pub, with ridiculous analogies being bandied about. For a band that just consist of drums and an organ, Leeds’ Two Minute Noodles make a pretty hefty sound, coming across like Satan’s own elevator music. They’ve certainly got one of the most unique sounds I’ve heard in ages: like a church organist who only plays covers of the themes to Commadore 64 games. Their hardcore-lounge stylings are surprisingly catchy… very satisfying!

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